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Facelifts Can Rejuvenate Your Look

Age and gravity just love to wreak havoc on your skin. As you age, your facial skin loses volume and elasticity. Gravity pulls the skin down as this happens, and you start to look like a jowly basset hound. You look tired, old and just plain worn out. Whether you feel tired or not, you don’t have to look it. To rejuvenate your skin consider a facelift. Boca Raton plastic surgeons can help you. Here’s what they can do and what they can’t do:

A facelift addresses the lower half of your face. If you’ve lost your cheekbones, your neck and your chin then this procedure is for you. An incision is made along the hairline and down around the ears. The skin is pulled up and back and the excess is trimmed off. Your surgeon may also manipulate the fat under the tissue to create volume in other areas.

Because of the placement of the incisions, they are easily hidden. You should be fully recovered in no more than 4 months.

The facelift is not going to eliminate wrinkles or other signs of aging. So, it is common to incorporate skin rejuvenating treatments as well as other surgical procedures to complete the overall look. Eye lifts and brow lifts are common additions to a facelift. Your surgeon will evaluate your skin and let you know if this is necessary to achieve the results you want. Sometimes just addressing the lower portion of the face is enough.

Having a facelift does not stop the aging process; it simply holds it off a little longer. There are things you can do to make sure your results last as long as possible. Living healthy is a must – eat well and exercise. Keep your body hydrated and give your face the attention it deserves by keeping it moisturized and protected from the sun.

Smoking is bad for the skin and speeds the aging process. Consider maintenance treatments such as dermabrasion, collagen injections, peels, laser treatments and other procedures to help you maintain firm healthy skin as you continue to age.

If you don’t do anything else for yourself, consider a facelift. It really can have a positive impact on your life. You will look more vibrant, healthy and energetic. You can potentially turn the clock back ten years or so in appearance. As a result, you may actually feel more vibrant and younger as well. People around you will sense this change in you and it will impact their mood and reactions to you.

To ensure a safe and successful procedure, interview your plastic surgeon. Make sure he is a board certified plastic surgeon and ask about his experience with facelift procedures. During your consultation, be clear about the results you want and ask any question that comes to mind.

Being informed is the best way to avoid risk. This is a surgical procedure and there are risks involved. But, if you have a great surgeon, you know what to expect and you follow his after-care instructions, a more vibrant and rejuvenated you is just around the corner.

Create younger looking skin and take years off with a facelift, Boca Raton board certified plastic surgeon can assist you.

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