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Breast Augmentation – Is it Safe For Teenagers?

Being a teenager is difficult, particularly in this media-driven world of perfection. The pressure that teens put on themselves and that are perceived by their peers is intense. As a result, many teens turn to plastic surgery to correct flaws, imagined or real. Breast augmentation is one of the procedures popular among teen-age girls. Popular or not, is it safe for teen-age girls to get breast implants?

Surgery is surgery, whether it is cosmetic or not, and with surgery comes risk. Breast augmentation performed on teenagers is not different. Just because she is young and healthy doesn’t mean she won’t have a reaction to the anesthesia or experience infection and other complications after the surgery.

When you consider safety, you also must consider that a teen-ager is still growing. Between 18 and 21, the breasts continue to grow. In fact, many girls don’t really develop until these later years. So while your teen may lament her small development, she may experience a quick increase when she is older.

So, if you can get her to wait until she is at least 21, she may not even need implants. If she decides to go ahead at 18 and then she grows on her own, she might become too big and want the implants removed. Here’s another surgery and the risks that go along with it.

Another safety issue to consider is the psychological risks. Why does she want breast augmentation? If she has the surgery, will it really correct the problem or are her issues deeper than just small breasts. It is a good idea to discuss the reasons with your teen and, if necessary, seek professional counseling.

While you may be able to find a surgeon who will perform the procedure on your under 18 teen, you should know that the FDA has not approved the use of saline implants on women under 18. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons agrees with this position and does not approve the procedure on girls under 18. If your teen is 18 and you have had thoughtful discussions about the risks and the reasoning, it is as safe as any other surgery would be.

It is important to understand the risks of surgery no matter what kind of procedure it is. There can be adverse reactions to the anesthesia that can be mild or as severe as death. Other risks include complications during recovery. Infection, bleeding and excessive scarring can occur if proper care is not taken during the recovery process. Make sure your teen understands what she will have to do after her breast augmentation.

To make it as safe as possible, you have to find the right surgeon. It is very important that you verify his credentials by making sure he is board certified and licensed to perform cosmetic procedures like a breast augmentation.

Make sure you and your teen feel comfortable with him as well. This is an emotional as well as physical experience and you want someone capable of communicating with and meeting your teen’s needs. This is a life-changing event and she needs to feel confident about her decision and the outcome.

Breast augmentation , Boca Raton comes with a certain amount of risk, especially if the patient is a teen. However, the FDA and the ASPS only support use of breast implants in teens over 18.

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