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Eyelid Surgery is Popular Among Men

Women have been going under the knife, under the laser or facing the needle for years to enhance their looks and fight the hands of time. But, they’ve got company at the clinic these days because men are seeking help through plastic surgery too. Men are looking for a smoother more refined look in their face and want to look lean and sexy too. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. Hundreds of thousands of men sought some type of cosmetic procedure from eyelid surgery to Botox in 2007. So what are the guys doing?

The most popular procedure among men according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) 2007 statistics is the nose job. Historically, a small petite nose on a man exudes weakness and femininity. Guys want a strong, think Roman statue, nose. Interestingly enough, eyelid surgery is the second most popular with liposuction coming in third. Bags and wrinkles under the eyes really age a face and make you look tired. Getting rid of them changes the whole landscape of the face and really brightens it up. Liposuction means you don’t have to live with the saddlebags anymore. It also helps contour the abdominal region. One procedure that is uniquely male is gynecomastia or male breast reduction. This is the fourth most popular and with good reason. Enlarged breasts in men are not uncommon and they cause all kinds of physical and psychological issues. Male breast reduction surgery allows men to reclaim some self-confidence and make them feel like men again.

But, it’s not just the surgical procedures that are popular. Guys are opting for the non-invasive cosmetic procedures as well. Again, according to the ASPS, 6% of the Botox procedures performed in 2007 were for men. Yes, men are rushing to the clinic for a lunch hour pick-me-up too. They are also having micro dermabrasion, getting peels and going under the laser for hair removal and skin resurfacing.

Gray hair may make a guy look distinguished and even sexy, but wrinkles and age spots no way. Just like women, men do things that damage the skin like not wear sunscreen and smoke. Oh, and they probably eat a diet of higher in saturated fat and trans fats. As they age, the only way to reverse the damage is with a cosmetic procedure. It’s not just the professional, the guy in the suit who works on Wall Street, seeking cosmetic help. The guys climbing telephone poles, the guys driving tanks as well as the CEO are all paying more attention to their appearance and doing what they can to turn back the hands of time.

Listen up guys. Before you go in search of a little youthful rejuvenation or body enhancement, make sure you do your homework. Verify your surgeon’s credentials and make sure he is a board certified plastic surgeon. If you opt for the non-invasive procedures, have either a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist do it. Surgery or not, things can go wrong. You don’t want to look so wide awake after your eyelid surgery that you can’t close your eyes.

If you have wrinkles or bags under the eyes, your face could look tired. Getting rid of them can drastically change your looks. To brighten up your face consult a Boca Raton eyelid surgery specialist.

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